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Bonsai Boy

Gardening Tool Belt

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CUTABOVE Gardening Tool Belt

Are you always loosing your secateurs?  Putting them down somewhere and not remembering where?  Need somewhere for your mobile phone?

This garden tool belt will solve all your problems.  Practical and durable, the two sets of pockets will hold many of your typical garden tools.  An adjustable strap can be clipped like a belt over your clothes at the waistline.  The strap will fit most sizes.

The pockets can be moved to different positions along the waistband, so you could have one on each hip and not be impeded when you bend or kneel over.

They will fit:

  • secateurs
  • folding saw
  • gloves
  • garden knife
  • marker pen
  • mobile phone, and more....
Material:  100% polyester
Design: Australian Banksia, seed and leaves




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