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Our Bonsai are all handcrafted by our team in Melbourne, each piece is individual and unique in its age, size and specie.

The word Bonsai (盆栽) literally means "tray planting," and it finds its origins in China over 1,300 years ago along with the concept of creating miniature plants.

You may wonder what it is about Bonsai trees that has caused people over hundreds of years to devote their time to them, this is a hard question to answer as there are many reasons, but one simple explanation is simply that they are beautiful. It takes a lot of time and effort to shape a Bonsai tree into an individual’s desired shape, so when you see a beautiful Bonsai tree you have to keep in mind the countless hours of work that it took to create it – just like art.

Your Bonsai's dense bright apple green foliage make a standout centrepiece in your garden.  Each Bonsai has been individually hand crafted to represent its flawless beauty.


The biggest mistake that people make when they get a bonsai is they bring it inside, Indoor bonsai trees exist, (see our Indoor Bonsai Collection) but the majority of species have to live outside.

They can come inside for three or five days, but need to spend the vast majority of their life outside. If not, they will slowly die.

Watering is crucial to the health of your Bonsai. In the warmer months you may need to water your Bonsai daily. To check if it needs watering, place your finger into the soil, it should feel slightly moist. Do not ever allow your Bonsai to become bone dry.

Feed with Bonsai Boy's organic fertiliser 'Plant Nourishment' every 2-3 weeks during the growing seasons'.

Apply Bonsai Boy's Neem oil over the entire Bonsai generously, this will control all pests, bugs and fungus.

Don't worry its won’t harm any beneficial insects like bees, butterflies and  ladybugs.


All our plants have been lovingly potted in the ceramic planter as see in the image, packaged carefully in our signature branded carry bag.

The prefect present, ready to gifting!

We offer a complimentary Bonsai Boy gift card so that you can leave a special message to compliment your gift.

Your plant will be hand delivered to your doorstep by a member of your team to ensure it is received in pristine condition.


A bit of history~
Originating from the ancient art of "penjing" in China, bonsai was first introduced to Japan in the 6th century by a group of Japanese Zen Buddhism students returning from their overseas travels. They dubbed it "bonsai", which literally means "planted in a container", and at its most elementary level the art is simply growing a wild tree inside a small vessel. 

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