bonsai rental melbourne

Bonsai Boy offers a bonsai rental service creating a modern contemporary alternative to flowers for your workspace, office, medical facility or restaurant.

Bonsai are considered one of the best plants for the office and home environments. Not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also because they have multiple health benefits.

bonsai rentals melbourne

Bonsai plants are known to be a great stress reliever - this is why we see them so many workstations being adorned by gorgeous bonsai.

Did you know that Bonsai trees in your workspace creates a peaceful environment? Bonsai can help purify the air, they also help fight fatigue, as well as coughs and colds!

bonsai rentals in melbourne

With our weekly rental service you will receive a different Bonsai that is unique in its age, species and size. Imagine having an ever changing environment with new bonsai plants and styles every 7 days.

We have a highly regarded reputation for supplying Bonsai to our corporate clients - law firms, investment banks, restaurants and hotels throughout the Melbourne CBD.

bonsai corporate rentals

We thrive on delivering Bonsai to your workspace, offering life with its clean natural energy and obvious beauty.

We offer a complimentary Bonsai to trial for a week, allowing you to experience the the natural beauty of our Bonsai within your workspace. To enquire contact Bonsai Boy Today.