The myth of Bonsai being difficult to care for is false!
Taking care of your Bonsai despite what you have hear is actually very simple!

Just like trees in their natural landscape, they all require 3 simple things for a long and prosperous life.  Air, water, and plenty of sunlight.

Follow our simple guidelines for the health and prosperity of your Bonsai.
Water your trees when the soil gets slightly dry.
This means you should not water your tree when the soil is still wet but only when it feels slightly dry, use your fingers to check the soil at around 1cm deep.
Never ever let a tree dry out completely!
Once you get more experienced you will be able to see (instead of feel) when a tree needs watering.

Never water on a routine.
Keep observing your trees individually, instead of watering them on a daily routine, until you know exactly what you are doing.
Bonsai love direct sunlight, 3-4 hours daily at a minimum.
Feel free to bring your Bonsai indoors form time to time as long as it generally lives outdoors.
Please contact us directly, we are always here to help to guide you through the process!
Feed your Bonsai 'Bonsai Boy's Plant Fertiliser' in the growing season.
Please call us for any further clarification or specific questions.