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Bonsai Moisture Reader

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Bonsai Moisture Tester 

The moisture tester consists of a meter with a scale from dry too wet connected to a metal probe. Once you place the metal probe into the soil of a Bonsai, the meter is designed to alert the user to the appropriate time to water plants.

Moisture meters are imperative for Bonsai owners who may have problems with true identification of moisture within the soil. The tester is even more suitable for plants who are sensitive to over-watering. Hydration is one of the essential elements to Bonsai Health

Feature of Moisture Tester:

  • Instantly tells you when to water your Bonsai.
  • Prevents overwatering.
  • Simply probe and see.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor Bonsai
  • No batteries required.

Using the Tester:

Push the probe down, as vertically as possible to about two thirds the depth of the container, and about half way between the edge of the pot and the stem of the Bonsai. Please make sure that you do not push the probe of the moisture meter too near the stem. Check the meter and note the watering number. 

We recommend that your Bonsai be showing a reading than no less than 2 at any time.



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