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Bonsai - Firehorn - Roddie - 35cm

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8 Year Old Firethorn

Pyracantha is a genus of about 7 species of spiny, evergreen shrubs that have a spreading to erect habit. Native to scrub and woodland margins from southern Europe to SW Asia, the Himalayas, China and Taiwan.

Pyracantha are commonly cultivated in the UK to grow up walls and other places where green coverage is needed but as bonsai, Pyracantha are eminently suitable for growth as erect trees. Pyracantha are especially favoured for their year-round broad-leaved foliage, their abundant flowering capabilities and for their numerous fruit in Autumn. The common name Firethorn is derived from the fiery berry colour and very sharp 1″ long thorns that are carried on all branches. 

For optimal growth and development, Firethorn Bonsai requires the right amount of light. To ensure the best results, provide your bonsai with bright, indirect sunlight. It is recommended to expose your Firethorn Bonsai to at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day. This will not only promote healthy foliage but also encourage the production of abundant and vibrant berries.

Your Firethorn should be left outside in full sun to part shade, they can tolerate coming inside for short periods (2-3 days) periods of time to impress your guests.
Water regularly to avoid the soil from drying out, daily in the warmer months.
Apply Bonsai Boy's Plant Nourishment fertiliser during the growing season.
The width of the pot is 20cm wide, total height including pot is 34cm 



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