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Bonsai - Picea Forest Setting - 森 Mori (Forrest) - 26cm

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4 Year Old Picea Forrest Setting

Picea is a genus of 30-40 species of monoecious, evergreen, coniferous trees occurring in forest in cool-temperate regions of the Northern hemisphere.

They have whorled branches and needle-like leaves set singly around the shoots, these leaves are persistent for a number of years.

When the Spruce is styled properly it can grow to be one of the most sublime and majestic bonsai trees ever seen. 

They are some of the most popular bonsai trees in Japan, where they’re highly appreciated for their vigor and roughness.

Spruce is a genus in the Pinaceae family of fir trees which contain some 45 species. The tree originates from northern Europe, although it can also be found up in high altitudes in large parts of Asia.

Your stunning Spruce should be left outside in full sun to part shade, they can tolerate coming inside for short periods (2-3 days) periods of time to impress your guests.

Requires daily watering during the growing season. Needs less water during winter months. Make sure the soil never dries out completely.

Apply Bonsai Boy's Plant Nourishment fertiliser during the growing season.

The total width in the image is 20cm wide, total height including pot is 26cm. 



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