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Bonsai Boy

Bonsai Grow Kit - Maple

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Start your Bonsai Journey with Bonsai Boy's Grow Kit!
Grow your own Maple Bonsai with these easy step by step instructions;
Place the Bonsai soil in the biodegradable pot, put the seeds in the soil and lightly cover the seeds with soil.  Water throughly and place in a warm sunny spot.
You will see the first sign of your seedlings within 10-30 days.
When the seedlings are 7-10cm tall you can seperate the seedlings carefully and place them into the ceramic Bonsai Pot.
To plant the seedlings in the Bonsai Pot, Place the mesh matt onto of the drainage hole to stop the soil from falling through.
Place some of the stones provided at the base of the pot, approximately 1-2 cm thick, this will help with drainage. 
Place the rest of the Bonsai soil in the Bonsai Pot and make a hole in the centre, carefully seperate the Maple seedlings and place them into the Bonsai Pot.
Cover the surface of the soil with the remaining of the stones for decoration and to help with drainage.
Water you're Bonsai when the soil appears to a little dry, do not allow it to become bone dry.
The wire has been provided for you to create the shape you desire, please follow the instructions your Bonsai 101 Essential Tips Book.



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