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Bonsai Classes

As the name, which means “tray planting” (盆栽), suggests, a work of Bonsai must begin by planting a specimen in a small container. From then on, it demands daily attention in not just the provision of the proper amounts of water and sunlight but also careful trimming and adjustment with trimmers, hooks, wire, and everything else in the bonsai cultivator’s surprisingly large suite of tools.


How can we can improve our lives with the artform of Bonsai?

The powerful art of bonsai is a way to describe a story through living illusions. The purpose of growing bonsai is to give the grower an opportunity to practise patience, effort, creativity, and personal expression. Bonsai is an amalgamation of form, creative thought and expression in a miniature world that endures over time. The long-term care of a bonsai tree is the whole point of teaching practitioners the value of hard work and caring for other things. Bonsai is an art and science that teaches patience and mindfulness and more! It's not about fighting nature by restricting growth, rather it is about encouraging specific growth in harmony with natural processes. Bonsai can be used as an art therapy tool during therapeutic interventions and maintenance of good mental health. Bonsai is generally considered to be relaxing and is practised by many to relieve stress and as an expression of art.

What we cover in our Bonsia Course

Bonsai Boy’s private 1-1 lessons are designed to provide our clients all the necessary skills from beginner to more advanced levels of Bonsai. Bonsai is an ancient art form that has been around for thousands of years. The practice of Bonsai is a highly rewarding hobby and often seen as too difficult by the inexperienced individual.

Our Bonsai lessons are tailored to the individual’s level of knowledge using practical hands-on techniques and in depth technical content. We cover all of the necessary horticultural maintenance and developmental techniques including design and styling principles, and apply these to your own Bonsai during the session.

You will practise the fundamental techniques of the craft of Bonsai including the following steps:

Tree Choices

There are a lot of tree species that have been favourites among bonsai enthusiasts, including the popular Juniper. They are a fabulous species to work with because of their small foliage and pliable body.

Structure of your Bonsai

When choosing to create our own bonsai tree we should look at the existing branch structure of the tree, those with thickened and well spaced out branches are great choices as they offer plenty to work with.


This is a Japanese word that refers to the surface roots and lower trunk. This is what most people look at when designing a high quality bonsai tree. No matter how well-proportioned or old a tree is, it is not considered to be a great bonsai tree without a good nebari.

Tree Size

Bonsai tree size should be selected according to what the grower can handle. Very small trees do not consume a lot of space. However, they require more attention and a lot of watering. This makes them more difficult to grow and groom. On the other hand, larger bonsai trees are not as difficult to take care of. However, growers may get tired of continuously repotting bigger trees.


You will be taught the techniques and principles of trimming your Bonsai tree to create an even and attractive Bonsai that is consistent with the practice's theory. Please refer to the image showing the principles that are followed during your lesson. Our Bonsai tools are available for purchase on the day of your lesson if you wish.

bonsai tree trimming


Wiring is a very important technique used to train and style Bonsai trees. By wrapping wire around the branches of a tree you can bend and reposition the branches to your liking. It takes a few months before the branches are set in their new position.


The potting of your Bonsai tree and the soil you use is especially important, many things need to be considered including the nutrients you are potting your bonsai into. Potting your Bonsai correctly with quality soil will give your Bonsai the best opportunity to grow healthy and allow the root system to expand without overcrowding. Premium Bonsai Soil We will also touch on repotting your Bonsai and when this should be done.

Finishing off your Bonsai

Bonsai are often seen with small pebbles on the top of the soil. This offers an attractive finished product, there are many other reasons we do this. Pebbles help with water retention, insulation and also prevent soil erosion.

Maintenance of your Bonsai

You will learn how to care for your bonsai, including watering, fertilising, and we recommend Bonsai Boy’s Plant Fertiliser and repotting. You will also learn how to style your bonsai tree to create a beautiful, miniature tree. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create your own stunning bonsai. The watering of your Bonsai tree is particularly important. Too often this is the reason that Bonsai die, they live in a small container and dry out much quicker than a tree living in the earth, this needs to be considered and assessed daily to avoid it drying out. The routine and care of bonsai teaches patience, and the tree's resilience and beauty inspire us to incorporate it into our everyday life. Sunshine is also a critical element to the health of your Bonsai. How much sunshine and the position of your Bonsai will be discussed. We will explain the dormancy period that your Bonsai will go through in winter and why it is so important for your Bonsai to experience dormancy.

What our course includes..

While every bonsai is unique, the artist is not constrained by anything but his/her skills and imagination. You will follow the classification system that has emerged over many centuries that can help artists create bonsai that mimic the form of natural trees. Our classes are hands-on and relevant to people of all abilities. Our clients will learn to wire, shape and pot a bonsai that is theirs to take home at the end of the day. The finished product is valued at approximately $170.00 rrp. All materials are provided and your teacher will walk you through each process thoroughly.

Classes are booked regularly throughout the year and are held in Yarraville, Melbourne. Classes run for 2.5 hours. Please Contact Us to arrange your class, or book your class directly here. We look forward to meeting you and setting you on your Bonsai path of spiritual and horticulture enlightenment.

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