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Bonsai Boy

Japanese Inspired Forest Terrarium Setting

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Our range of Terrariums have been created with the influence and beauty of the Japanese landscape in miniature form.

Apart from their beauty, another reason that Terrariums are so popular is because of the minimal care they require. 

 Please follow our simple tips to keep your Terrarium looking green and luscious in your home;

Your Terrarium should never be in direct contact with the sun, as the sun will reflect on the glass and cause overheating very quickly.

By placing it in a naturally well lit room or near an east or south facing window will give our Terrarium adequate sunlight to thrive without overheating.

Our closed terrariums create an isolated ecosystem, the moisture is locked within the glass container producing everything they need to thrive.

The plants, succulents and soil in the terrarium release moisture and water vapour. This condenses against the walls of the terrarium and falls back into the soil to be used again.

You may need to take the lid off occasionally to adjust the moisture levels if the glass wall appears too foggy or too much condensation.

Only water your Terrarium when the moss or soil appears dry. This may only be every few weeks / months.

Inspect your terrarium regularly to ensure it is not drying out and possibly move positions if you feel this is not ideal.

Succulents are a staple plant for any terrarium. But what if your staple plant starts turning shades of brown or yellow?

Browning or yellowing succulents is usually a sign of either too little, or too much water. Gently touch your moss to see if it’s wet or dry.

If it has turned brown and died off you can gently remove it and replace it with fresh moss.  Moss can be brought from your local florist or found in a dark moist corner of your garden.

Gently clean the glass walls regularly with a clean damp cloth and remove any dead, fallen foliage.

Enjoy your Terrarium, we hope it brings you much joy!

20cm  Wide x 30cm tall 



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