Ficus Elastica Burgundy

Ficus Elastica Burgundy

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A popular, robust, evergreen, ornamental plant with shiny burgundy leaves and distinctly pink new growth. Not only hardy and low maintenance this plant will remove chemical toxins from the air, like formaldehyde.
Compact houseplant grown indoors; impressive tree when allowed to grow full-size. Large thick pointed oval leaves with a rich wine-black colour and bright red new stems.

Pop your Ficus on your desk, brighten a bookcase and bring some life into the bedroom. The suits every room in the house and likes bright light, but be careful not to place her in direct sunlight or she’ll burn.
Your Ficus is easy to care for. Plant her up in free-draining compost and only water when the compost is dry down to a few centimetres. Wipe the leaves down if they get dusty.
If you notice colours have faded she needs a bit more light. Put her closer to a window and she’ll be back to her full glory in no time.

Do not over water your Ficus, the soil should be a bit damp, but not overly wet. 
Before watering, you should first test the soil for dampness by dipping a finger into the soil- the top portion should be dry to about an inch deep. 

It is advisable to fertilise your plant every two weeks to encourage the growth of healthy leaves and more prominent blooms.  For best results, use Bonsai Boy's Plant fertiliser.

This plant comes potted in a grey ceramic pot, packaged lovingly in our signature branded carry box. The perfect present, ready for gifting!

12h wide x 36cm high approximately.