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Bonsai - Upright Juniper - Jules - 35cm

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6 Year Old Juniper 

Junipers are among the most popular bonsai trees. We love working with them, and think they are a great choice for bonsai enthusiasts new and old. The best way to learn how to style bonsai is to spend time looking at those plants where they grow in their natural environment.

Junipers are one of the most amazing genus of trees and shrubs in the world. They are evergreen coniferous trees with needle-like foliage. Wild Junipers are among the most contorted and wild of all tree species. The most interesting examples of wild junipers typically have a lot of deadwood, a lot of twists, and a lot of movement. This is what makes them such a great subject and a great inspiration for bonsai. 

Your beautiful lush apple green Juniper should be left outside in full sun to part shade, they can tolerate coming inside for short (2-3 days) periods of time to impress your guests.

Water regularly to avoid the soil from completely drying out. Apply Bonsai Boy's Plant Nourishment fertiliser during the growing season.

The total width of the pot is 23cm wide, total height including pot is 35cm.



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