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Bonsai - Cotoneaster - Blossy - 22cm

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 5 Year Old Cotoneaster

Cotoneasters are small trees, which is native to Europe, North-Africa and Asia.  Most species have small dark green glossy leaves, tiny white flowers in spring, followed by red, orange or yellow, apple-shaped fruit in autumn.

This semi deciduous tree makes a beautiful bonsai when properly trained. The easy care qualities of the Cotoneaster make it an ideal choice for beginners.

Your beautiful lush apple green Juniper should be left outside in full sun to part shade, they can tolerate coming inside for short (2-3 days) periods of time to impress your guests.

Water regularly to avoid the soil from drying out, the soil must always have some moisture.

In the warmer months of the year, daily watering will be required.

On top of ensuring your Bonsai receives enough water and does not dry out it is very important to keep the moss damp at all times as it will dry out and die back if allowed to dry out.

Apply Bonsai Boy's Plant Nourishment fertiliser during the growing season.

The total width of the pot is 13cm wide, and the total height including pot is 22cm. 




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