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Our obsession with Bonsai, trees, gardening, anything dirty has alway gone far beyond Bonsai and we would like to share our love of INDOOR PLANTS with you!
We recently added to our collection 'Indoor Bonsai' being the result of many requests. Most Bonsai about 90% of them need to live outside in the elements to stay healthy but we have the perfect exception!
Our Fig Bonsai are the newest addition to the Bonsai range, they are super hardy and can tolerate most warm sunny positions in the home. they love the humidity of the bathroom or a sunny well lit window sill.
With the success of our Indoor Bonsai range we have gone one step further with our speciality Indoor Plants!  Our stunning collection of Indoor Plants are ready to go and we offer same-day delivery to your doorstep!
Our range of Indoor Plants are exotic and super stylish requiring not to much effort to keep healthy and happy.
Bonsai Boy's Plant nourishment is the ideal liquid  organic fertiliser to feed your new plant babes.
Enjoy shopping!
Lauren x

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